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2011 Women Tattoos Design

2011 Women Tattoos Design
Ankle tattoos are the sexiest of all. They are small in size and matches every girl perfectly. Girls mostly prefer this tattoo because they would not be in constant view of the public. There are few sexy ankle designs for you:
1. Small Flowers: These are very interesting small flowers that look really small which can be combined and worn with a butterfly tattoo, to make it more special.
2. Butterflies: Butterflies, always the favorite of every girl, a small colored one in the sexiest design.
3. Tribal chain: This is a loop pattern that can be worn around the ankle, usually done in black.
4. Koi fish: The yang and Yin shape of the Koi fish tattoo design is loved by all.
5. Chinese Symbol: Know the meaning of the Chinese symbol, before you get one done.
6. Vine tattoos: This tattoo wraps around your leg nicely with its eye catching green color. These tattoos look great with its unique design. Vine tattoos have got lot of options like adding colored flowers to your vine that makes your tattoo design pop out.

2011 Women Tattoos Design
Ankle tattoo designs are inked on the lower calf. Tattoos that are done on the higher leg, above the ankle are called “talus”. This is less painful and also larger in size than the tattoos near the ankle. Tattoos that are placed little above the center point of the calf are termed as “leg tattoos”. Locating the ankle sometimes makes the process a little bit difficult. Tattoos done in the ankle portion of the body is little painful and tends to bleed more than the other parts because of the thinness of flesh.
Aftercare: The ankle tattoos design done on the ankle is very delicate and you have to show more precaution in taking care of it. Protect your tattoo with an ointment. Two of the most highly recommended one is the Bag Balm and the Tattoo Goo. Do wear some loose fitting stockings and pants for the first one week and never use boots until it gets healed. Avoid Tight clothing because if used it can cause loss of ink brightness and color and also causes extra peeling. Use a sunscreen like SPF 15 sun block, to protect from sun.
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