Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lips Tattootattooz

Lips  Tattootattooz
The art form of Celtic has been here for a long time now. According to history, the Celts have been able to transmit their one of kind designs into the various fields of their life, weapons, jewelry and other types of metal items like shields and broaches. Back then, they were quite useful in times of battle as warriors, nowadays the are now recalled because of the artifact’s of Celtic art that have survived from Ireland, UK and from the far field of North America.

There is  really not much to be recorded about Celtic history, however, at some point in history the Celtic art form of Celts become very inspiring for some groups of art movements .These art forms and symbols of the Celtic design have been around over the years, however, the designs still stay complex, just like the were back then. Today, the designs and knot work have been made modern and even more complicated to compliment tattoo art designs.

Celtic tattoos were very much famous during the height of stone and metal work. Celtic tattoos are believed to be originated in Ireland. Several old documents with the Celtic writing and symbols can be found at the Trinity College in Dublin. Because of the Celtic writing and symbols that can be seen in several ancient manuscripts, it is believed that writing and art was one central thing.


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