Saturday, June 11, 2011

Angel and Fairy Tattoos For Girls

Angel and Fairy Tattoos For Girls

When it comes to beautiful and sexy tattoo designs, one can’t help but think about angel and fairy tattoos. They seem to exude a sense of beauty, magic and spirituality when inked on one’s body. These creatures are gorgeous and appealing in their natural forms. Not only that, they hold significant meaning as well making them even more attractive as tattoo designs.Angel tattoos are extremely popular yet it can still be unique as each person can have a different adaptation of the angel. It can be a warrior angel, brave and determined to cast one of the bad angels out of Heaven. It can be a guardian angel whose symbolize protection, guardianship and moral values. It can be a cute cherub to depict innocence and playfulness. It can also be an angel who represents the memory of a loved-one who passed away.


Angel and Fairy Tattoos For Girls
It would look good when tattooed on large areas of the body such as the back, rib, arm, shoulder or just about anywhere else. Angel tattoos are definitely one of the most flexible and versatile types because of the almost unlimited number of ways that they can be executed.

Fairy tattoo is another exciting and sensual way to express one’s individuality especially the women. Fairies are a representation of childhood innocence, playfulness and magical fantasies. They are often portrayed as diminutive winged humans who possess magical powers; they are dainty, sweet and innocently charming but can be clever and mischievous at times. These are characters that women can relate to that is why they favored fairy tattoos to express a part of their personality. They can be tattooed in varying colors and can be combined with other design elements including butterflies, flowers, moon and stars to create a mythical piece of art.

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